Registered Interior Designer

Sharen A. Kirksey, RID
Registered Interior Designer
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Sharen Kirksey has been my very good friend and designer for over 30 years. She has helped me and my daughter with several decorating projects. What I most appreciate about Sharen is her ability to assess your style and incorporate the things you already have and love the most into a new update.

Sharen has a great spatial sense -- knowing where to place furniture and what the room needs.
She maintains a professional attitude and does not pressure you.

Sharen knows the local craftsmen and I have always been pleased with the quality of product and honesty of the people she recommends.

Andy Quigley

When I decided to redecorate my den 25 years ago, I met an Interior Designer named Sharen Kirskey. She not only transformed my entire house into a showplace, but she also became one of my dearest friends. Sharen's ability to truly listen to and understand me has not only given me a beautiful home, but also a valuable friendship. 

Peggy Daggett 
Sharen Kirksey, RID

We met Sharen at a Building Show at the Beaumont Civic Center many years ago. We were going to build another home and discussed some issues with her at that time. A few years went by and we finally began to design a home. 
After having an architect draw up what we had proposed we called Sharen (Designer for Ethan Allen at that time) and asked if we could go over the plans with her. Readily agreeing, we dropped by the store and with her input we balanced our design allowing for furnishings and set-up. From that day and during our building we were in constant contact with her. She assisted us with choices of furnishings and ultimately completing our home exactly as we envisioned it.  
We are now looking at building another home and would use no one else to help us with the project. Her designs are solid, her taste immaculate and her experience extensive. She can design anything you want and do it tastefully. She is such a pleasure to work with too. We live about 70 miles from her and have a lot of friends up here that use her too.
We are totally satisfied with her skills and highly recommend her for any project you have.


Arnold and Bonetta Smith
Jasper, Texas


It is my pleasure to offer the following comments on Sharen’s gift with people and design.  What a combination!

 Sharen Kirksey and I are worlds apart in matters of style—mine very casual, Western and minimal in “stuff on the tables and walls”, while Sharen’s home is lush, classic and complex. Luckily I didn’t know that when I asked for her help in building the home we have enjoyed for the last 15 years. I only knew that Sharen was a lovely person, always warm and interested in others and active in her community. I told her I was panicked by wallpaper samples and mixed patterns, but knew that I wanted this home to reflect my husband’s and my love of Texas and life in this part of the world. I showed her my few pieces of furniture that I knew we would never part with, and stressed our desire for our family and friends to feel comfortable when they walked in the door—barefooted and blue jeans included! A few weeks later, I met with Sharen—admittedly worried about what she might recommend, only to find that every color choice, every fabric and carpet, and every suggestion for light fixtures and other finishing touches met our approval without a single change. The odds of that happening were phenomenally high in my book. Since that time, Sharen has repeatedly shepherded me through furniture updates, adding drapes in a room or two, keeping our house current, functional, and always a place where we are proud to welcome all who cross our paths. Sharen operates with the highest integrity, a great sense of humor and an appreciation for practicality and cost. What more could we have asked for?

  Nancy and Larry Beaulieu
  Beaumont, TX

Whether renewing, restoring, refreshing, renovating, or remodeling our home and office during the past 30+ years, we have called on Sharen again and again for her expertise and advice. She has never failed us. Her recommendations have enabled us to live and work in environments that are beautiful, comfortable, and perfectly suited to our needs and tastes. She knows what is esthetically pleasing to us and how to work in our budgets. We are the happy beneficiaries of Sharen's designing talents, but she is more than our designer; she is our friend.

John and Becky Reimers

Sharen Kirksey has a great eye for color and fabrics. She has exquisite taste and is very responsive. She gets right to the point with a project and gets it done. She is helpful and pays attention to your budget. Sharen has helped me with a number of projects through the years and I have enjoyed working with her personally and have been very pleased with the results.
 Sandra Clark. 

Sandra F. Clark | Shareholder
Houston | Beaumont | Austin
2615 Calder Avenue Suite 800| Beaumont, Texas 77702 | 409.835.5011


Sharen Kirksey

A wonderful friend and designer. We moved to Bryan, Texas in 2006 from Port Arthur.--
a long distance. As time grew short on the construction of our new home, I knew that I needed professional help. A friend gave me Sharen's name and I will be forever grateful. We sat down with plans and we selected fabrics for our chairs and granite which was used through-out the home in the kitchen and bathrooms. We needed only two pieces of furniture, but we re-covered several chairs we had in our Port Arthur home. Sharen was very easy to work with us and handled everything in a very professionl manner. I do not think I could have completed the home without Sharen's help...she was very kind and extremely helpful. It was a pleasure for me and my husband to work wiith her.


Sissy Wood
Bryan Texs


Sharen has helped me with furniture selection, rug and fabric choices, and art placement over a twenty year period in three different cities. She has driven many miles to help me always providing excellent judgment and taste with endless patience. I highly recommend her talent and services.

Betty Virgilio
54 N. Copperknoll Circle
The Woodlands, Texas 77381-5150
(281) 419-2372

In 2000, after living in our home for 17 years, we decided that we wanted to add a room onto the back of our house. Our home was small with no windows, no storage and very little light. I knew Sharen as a fellow Rotarian but had not worked with her on any projects.

During our first conversation with Sharen about what we thought we wanted to do, she had a vision that was beyond what we had even considered. She “got us” right away. Just talking with us once and getting some idea of who we were and what we wanted, she drew up a plan and the process began.

It became a project much larger than we had anticipated, but it was incredible to watch. We didn’t make one change to what Sharen showed us, whether it was fabric, paint color, flooring….whatever she brought us to look at, we loved.

It’s been 13 years since the remodeling and we love our home! It’s bright, comfortable and we have more storage than we could have ever imagined. Working with Sharen was the best move we ever made and we recommend her all the time.

We wish Sharen the best as she begins this new business!

Angela & Ray Baker

Beaumont, TX


My professional relationship with Sharen started over 30 years and 3 houses ago. She is so easy to work with and has a quick grasp of what the client's needs are ranging from a quick purchase to long term planning. Her sense of color is so terrific and you know it is a compliment when you have visitors to your home calling you later asking if they may have your paint color and would you mind them using it. I am always flattered but also point out it was Sharen's decorating talent, not mine. After unsuccessful efforts in working with other designers, my daughter-in-law has also turned to Sharen.  

Dianna Coffey.


Our family has enjoyed generations of design by Sharen Kirksey. I have always lived in a house that had Sharen's touch. My grandmother, my mother, and I have all depended on Sharen to help make a house a home. Now my daughter has spent many happy hours in a nursery designed by Sharen. We have been so fortunate to know Sharen and to share so many years with her. 
Sharen is a versatile designer with the ability to please several generations of people, each with their own unique style. She has been able to seamlessly blend beloved heirloom pieces with new styles and ideas. We appreciate her talent, dependability, confidence, competence, dedication, and above all, her friendship. 

Lauren Williams Mason
and Kathy Hamilton Williams


Many years ago I initially met Sharen when she was working on the design of several offices in our building. Later our company relocated into Houston at the Texas Commerce Tower…Sharen enhanced each office with just the right accents to fit the person using it.

When we purchased our historic home in Liberty I knew she was the only designer I would trust to create the right balance of color, flow and furniture. What a joy so see her make the most of what you have and place it just right. Everything looks better Sharen’s been there.

Sharen has continues to use her talents and knowledge to make the inside of our home as well as our daughter’s as beautiful as the outside.

I consider Sharen a wonderful and trusted friend and I’m so happy that I met her.

Thanks for letting me share this.

Laura K. Garrison

Rodney & Becky Ames
Beaumont, Texas 

April 5, 2013

Ms. Sharen Kirksey
165 Ridgeland Avenue
Beaumont, Texas 77706

Dear Sharen:

We wanted to take a moment to wish you the best in your new endeavor; Designs By Sharen. 
 We were excited to learn about your decision to establish your own business and continue to offer your expertise and talents to our community.

Speaking from first hand experience, your skills were certainly needed when we purchased our residence several years ago. The home needed a remake and we could not be more pleased with the colors, furniture styles and accessories that you selected. In addition, we truly appreciated your efforts in helping us to stay within the budget that we had established for the various upgrades that were completed.

We value our long time friendship with you. However, we also appreciate your ability to switch between our friendship and any need that we might have for your services. In our dealings with you, we have always felt that you truly had our interest as a client at heart and we never felt any pressure from you.  

A community is only as good as the resources that are available to their citizens. Beaumont is fortunate to have you as one of those resources. Again best of luck in your new endeavor and we look forward to working with you on our next interior design requirement.


Rodney & Becky

       DESIGNS BY SHAREN          
Sharen A. Kirksey  
Our personal and professional relationship with Sharen Kirksey began in 1976, when our house was relatively new.
We learned quickly that Sharen was reliable, knowledgeable, intelligent, conscientious, courteous, loyal, and delightfully
personable. We soon developed a strong friendship that has lasted for 37 years.

  Professionally, Sharen has an exceptional grasp of the use and coordination of colors. She also has an
extraordinary talent for visualizing the introduction of a new decor and furnishings in a home even beforechanges are
actually made. We have been consistently impressed by Sharen's remarkable capacity to make adaptations to
existing styles, colors, and other attributes in our home. Moreover, we have been amazed when she achieved such
changes with beautiful results again in a second home in which we lived. Without reservation and without hesitation, we
would highly recommend Sharen to others.

Bob and Lilly Ann Hebert
Lake Charles

After two hurricanes and a move to a larger home, It would be hard to overstate the influence Sharen Kirksey has had, not just on our home, but on the way we live. "Elegant" "Sophisticated" and "Refined" are words often associated with Sharen's work but I have always appreciated how she effortlessly combines comfort with style. She can create a space that draws a family together or add an accent piece that completes a room - all within whatever budget she is given. Thank you Sharen for being both our designer - decorator and our friend, and for helping to make our house a home - a home we have been proud to share with our family, friends and community.

Bryan and Shelley Blevins

Byan O. Blevins, Jr. 
Board Certified: Personal Injury Trial Law, 
Texas Board of Legal Specialization 

We trust Sharen Kirksey! She has been our interior designer for two homes! We say "homes" intentionally! Why? Anyone can decorate a house! But Sharen knows how to decorate a home! And she understands that that home is her clients' nest where, in our case, both spouses must feel equally comfortable...and our family and friends must feel welcomed from their first step either through the front door or through the back! Our home reflects our life style...and who we are...and Sharen understands that when listening to her clients!

Sharen has helped us with paint and with tiles...with fabrics for furniture and draperies...with decorations and with lighting...with arranging collectibles and with hanging pictures! And we could go on and on...but we will just reemphasize, "We trust Sharen Kirksey!" Her expertise and especially her friendship are important to us!

We wish Sharen Kirksey every success with Designs by Sharen!

Cynthia and Michael Wolf
Beaumont, TX
Expressions by Cynthia Wolf
Editorial Services - Spanish Tutoring - Piano Lessons

Sharen was recommended to us by a friend. We were in beginning stage of building our new home when I contacted Sharon, both for advice in decorating and for buying new furniture (she was then employed as an interior designer for Ethan Allen in Beaumont, TX). She was hands on and gave us much more advice than just about furniture and decorating. She listened to what we said and made it a point to get to know us which resulted in our beautiful dream home which far exceeded our expectations. Since the completion of our home she has also decorated a condo in the French Quarter of New Orleans for us. She did a wonderful job of blending existing antique furniture with new features (paint, accessories, furniture). Our home and condo are in no way alike but both are fabulous results of her skill in decorating and her creativity. 

Sharon is very professional and easy to work with and has become a good friend.

Jane Hebert

Sharen and I have been friends since 1974 when we met at UT. She has helped me with every home I have ever owned. In my first home she arranged the furniture, in my second home she designed the remodel of my 1950s kitchen, and when I downsized in 2008, she refurbished and made my duplex move-in ready for me. Sharen has been there every step of the way. She is talented, dependable, and trustworthy.

Sally Tanberg

​I am presently a client of Sharen Kirksey's.  Sharen graciously helped me and my husband re-decorate our previous home in Port Neches, Texas.  This home was a spec home and Sharen transformed it into a custom designed home.

When we bought our beach home, I again retained Sharen to re-decorate this home for us as well.

After she transformed these 2 houses, we retained her service again for our "Newly Custom Built" home in Beaumont, TX which lends its style to and "Old World" decor wth a New Orleans style Courtyard.  We love our present home that Sharen so graciously decorated.

Sharen has always captured the colors and the style we wanted in all 3 of our homes.  She has a natural and professional talent and skills for the use of the correct colors and fabrics to make a house come alive with "personality."

After working with Sharen for 25 yrs on all our many home projects, we have become great friends.  She loves her profession and has gained many friends from it socially.  So when you work with Sharen, you not only gain a beautiful room or home, you gain a true friend as well.

Best regards to Sharen as she begins her own business to continue her many talents as a Registered Interior Designer.

Sincerely  yours,
Karen and Arnold Manske

"I have found Sharen to be very intuitive in visualizing and achieving home interiors truly reflective of her client’s desires. Our relationship has spanned over a time frame that has included two homes and an apartment at Calder Woods. Sharen has an amazing talent for creating a fresh new look with even small changes!"

Carolyn Crawford


“Our experience with Sharen Kirksey has been nothing short of wonderful. I have known Sharen and taken advantage of her considerable interior design skills on several occasions for well over 30 years. She first helped with a modest home in Beaumont; then a home in Washington, D.C.; she then added touches to our house in Shanghai, China, and is presently working with us on our latest move and rebuilding our farm house in Waller County, TX. On each occasion and with every suggestion we have been dazzled by Sharen’s brilliant design and masterful reconstruction of workflow in the space.

But more than that, Sharen captures the essence of our home and our personal taste perfectly and is able to create a new and functional environment that integrates seamlessly with our tastes and every other room in the house.

Throughout the design process, Sharen demonstrates an impressive level of expertise and professionalism. She is always prepared for our business meetings, poised and focused. Her clarity on what the space requires for the best outcome is inspirational. Her phenomenal understanding and insight into our taste and what we want borders on the psychic.

Sharen demonstrates an exemplary attention to detail, a welcome attribute which is much appreciated. In all things Sharen is gracious and kind, intelligent and tasteful.

Sharen Kirksey is a great talent, an extraordinary designer, a good friend and family to us both. And I (Greg) mean family in every sense of the word. While living in DC, and after having worked with Sharen on two homes, she called to say her favorite cousin Michelle was moving to DC and asked if I would please take care of her, show her around and introduce her to a few folks. Sharen did not expect that I would take such good care of her cousin that we would get married and the three of us now working on my fourth, our second home together. 

Greg & Michelle Copeland

Beaumont, Texas

Washington, DC

Shanghai, China

Waller County, Texas”

We have been very pleased with the work Sharen has done and have referred many friends and family members to her due to her organizational skills, promptness and ability to visualize how a project will look upon completion. Sharen is a very pleasing and professional individual who enjoys her profession as an interior designer.

We have been very blessed over the years to have Sharen Kirksey share her ideas and talents with us. We are proud of our home and all the special changes/improvements she has helped s to make.

Carol Ann and Donnie Chirafis


We built a new home in 2004 and Sharen was our designer. We could not have been happier with her and her services. She takes a personal interest in her clients to make sure she understands their wants and desires. That along with her knowledge and professionalism is a win win situation!! She took our houseplans, with our existing pieces of furniture plus the new pieces that we wanted to purchase, and made everything fit perfectly. All paint, flooring, window treatments and fabric throughout the home is beautifully put together. Each room compliments the other and so many pieces of our furniture can be changed from room to room to fit into the designe of the home. 
Working with Sharen during and after the construction of our home we formed a personal relationship and value it still today!

Paul & Pam Provost

We moved three years ago and went to see Sharen for a sofa and a couple of chairs. After sitting with Sharen for one hour we were thrilled to go with her beautiful plan for our home. She had so many exciting ideas that suited our budget and lifestyle. Her knowledge of paints, fabrics, window dressings, lighting and granite were endless. Her passion for designing around your
favorite family things with the new will make your house the home you love.

    Kathy and Anthony Malley

As client and friend, we're happy to give a testimonial for Sharen's new website. My husband Rix and I began a professional relationship with Sharen over 30 years ago when we redecorated our Great Room in our first home. She helped us achieve a new coordinated look for our home with furniture and design so timeless that we're using the pieces in our current home. Over the years, she has suggested relocation of existing pieces and reupholstering, purchase of new items which have always served us well as our family has grown and changed. A few years ago, we were overwhelmed with decorating a whole vacation home miles away in Delaware. Sharen took the blueprints and designed a completely coordinated and functional look., all with our budget in mind. We are so grateful for her help and wonderful ideas. She captured our vision and we're enjoying everything she did for us. We would highly recommend Sharen's design expertise and her easy, friendly style. She makes it easy and fun!

Brenda & Rix Garey
April 8,2013

I have known Sharen Kirksey for almost 30 years. During that time, she has helped us design or decorate several houses. Not only has she found the perfect piece to put on a wall or the right place for a family heirloom but she has been a counselor, a mentor and a friend. Her services are so valuable and she will save you time, money, frustration and give you the satisfaction of having a home to be proud of. She is familiar with so many craftsmen in the business and will help you choose the right one for your job. 

If you are thinking of building or remodeling, Sharen will be there for you from beginning to end and then some. She will make the experience easy and give you a real peace of mind that you are dealing with a Registered Interior Designer with many years of experience. We wouldn't think of using anyone else. 

Donna & George Simonton

Without a doubt, Sharen Kirksey’s interior design exceeded our expectations. Particularly since she did the entire project without ever seeing the house until it was completed. She used the architect plans, her imagination, experience and the dreams of my wife, Gwen, to accomplish the perfect design. Gwen loved Sharen’s ability to read her thoughts and to turn her dreams into reality. She had to battle the architect against his desire to utilize a local interior designer, in lieu of Sharen. His just did not believe it possible for an out-of-state designer who had never been to the property, much less the home construction, to provide the interior design up his par. Was he ever surprised. Our home is his number one choice to show to his prospective clients.  I have attached photos which speak for themselves!

I would love to keep our home, however, with my wife’s death on September 6, 2012, I don’t feel comfortable remaining here.

Rodger Phelps
  Greensboro, GA 

P.S.  Sharen and the architect became great friends!

Sharen Kirksey is one of a kind interior designers.She is special because of her elegant designs, efficiency, and on time delivery. She gives detailed attention to the client's taste and wishes as well as guiding them along the way. It has been my pleasure dealing with Sharen and I highly recommend her services.

Saku Kumar, MD

Terry Doyle
304 Pearl, Suite 326-327
Beaumont, Texas 77701

I have learned that Sharen Kirksey is now in business for herself. I would like to tell you how great she was when my wife Barbara and I built our home a little over ten years ago. My wife was the one in our family that had taste. I sort of stayed out of the way and supplied mostly money and encouragement.
Sharen spent a world of time with Barbara on furniture. I thought that’s what she did. It was, but she did so much more. She helped pick out drapes. She was of great help on what color to paint this wall and that wall. She talked to us about the color to stain the floors, what kind of shutters and blinds. She was helpful when it came to bedspreads and pillows. She even helped he pick out carpet for some rooms and area rugs for others.
What surprised me was the number of people she put us in touch with. She not only knew everyone in the business, when she introduced us to them her introduction helped. It carried weight.
I have no idea how many compliments we have had on the home. Many, many and then some.
My wife died about five years after we moved in. The home and the way it looked meant so much to her in that last couple of years. Yes, I have thanked Sharen. I could never thank her enough for the comfort she helped provide Barbara. I wish her well. I know she will do well. She is a classy lady. She is smart and not lazy. That is a good combination. It has brought her far and will serve her well in this new endeavor.

Yours Truly,
Terry Doyle


I just want to share a short testimonial about Sharen Kirksey.
We wanted to do an update to our living room/ dining room combination but wanted to keep some items that were already a part of the room. Sharen came into our home and helped to coordinate perfectly with what we already had. She talked to us, looked around our home to get a feel of our tastes, then went back to the store to put together some suggestions. We sat down a week or so later and she had prepared ideas to totally transform our room. Her suggestions included making a completely new area that included both a dining area and a sitting area, a few pieces of new furniture, upholstery fabric for some of the old furniture, new paintings, lamps, mirrors, rugs, new wall color and coordinating pieces for two of the other rooms in order to create a coordinated flow. The finished product was absolutely perfect and totally what we wanted. My husband and I were very pleased with both her professionalism and her demeanor. She has since become someone whom I consider to be a friend as well as a great designer. I really feel that I could ask her opinion on anything and nothing would be too small or insignificant for her to consider doing. She seems to care much more about pleasing her clients than about how much money they are willing to spend. Thank you Sharen for helping us. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of a design service and she would be my go to person for any design question I had.
Good luck in your new venture. I predict that you will have a long list of customers standing in line for your services and you will be hiring more staff within the year.

Larry & Janis Conkle


Please pass along my best wishes to Sharen. She has helped me so much when I redid my home a couple of times. Her ideas for completely redoing our master bathroom were a huge success, and she helped me pick out furniture, and gave me many decorating tips. My home looks as good as it does today because of her input. Sharen,....Thanks so much for everything! God bless you,..

Kaaren Clark

We moved to Beaumont in 2008 and were in need of a decorator to put all the pieces in the right place. We first met Sharen at Ethan Allen and hit it off right from the start. Sharen suggested a meeting at our home where she took pictures and asked a variety of questions so she could get a good understanding of our decorating style. A short time later, Sharen had put together a decorating plan which included select pieces of furniture, rugs and lamps. As a result of this meeting, we had a specific plan and things started to come together.

In 2012, we relocated to the Houston area and had a new challenge for Sharen. This time we needed direction on wall color along with a decorating plan. Sharen made several trips to Houston and even plotted to scale all of our existing furniture on the new home floor plan. When it came time for the movers to place the furniture, we had it all layed out on the floor plan. Sharon again put together an outstanding decorating plan which this time included a unique office chair, kitchen bar stools, beautiful fabrics to recover our dining room and dinette chairs, and elegant and beautiful window treatments for our master bedroom.  

It is always a challenge trying to visualize how to arrange all of your furnishings in a new home. Sharen has an uncanny knack of seeing the big picture of your current decorating and through careful collaberation bringing in the right decorating ideas. We will have Sharen’s number handy for the next decorating challenge!

Sherry and Bob Miles

Houston Area

​                                                  11-1-13

Sharen Kirksey has a special gift of vision. She 'sees' spaces in a way that allows her to visualize the most aesthetically pleasing and functional environment. Whether it is the selection of colors, fabrics, floor coverings, arrangement of furniture, placement of art, or maximizing the value of one’s budget in planning, Sharen has a gift for bringing everything into an integrated vision that combines utility with beauty and elegance. She has worked on numerous projects for the Trinity United Methodist Church, and in every case the results have been wonderful.”

Dr. Robert C. Shield
Senior Pastor